Shipley Parish Council

Shipley Parish Council response to Planning Application AVA20191201 Waystone Limited

Shipley Parish Council response to Planning Application AVA20191201 Waystone Limited
Source: Shipley Parish Council
Publish date: Wed 17th Jun 2020

Re:  Planning application AVA/2019/1201 – Waystone Developments Limited

       Engineering works to create new recreational bike track, Pit Lane, Shipley


I write on behalf of Shipley Parish Council with regard to the above planning application.


At a remote Council meeting held on Tuesday 16th June 2020, the Parish Council objected in the strongest terms against the above proposal for the following reasons:-


  1. The proposal is out of character for the area, designated as a country park including renowned historical buildings and features.
  2. The proposal to claim greenbelt land which is already well used by residents and visitors to the country park for leisure purposes, exercise, enjoyment of the open space, within a historical setting would cause loss of feature landscape. This site is only one of three within the park which offers open leisure access with meandering mown pathways.
  3. Traffic generation, highway safety issues using The Field entrance from Hassock Lane; the vehicular entrance to the site from Marlpool will shortly be gated to vehicles other than rights of access. Parking concerns within the village, which is well used by pedestrians, horse riders, cyclists, parents with young children and prams. No footways exist and therefore safety issues would be elevated. On-street car parking unavailable, subject to residents’ access. The site is deemed too far a distance from the designated car parking sites at Mapperley Reservoir and Slack Lane to serve the proposal on a practical level. An expectation of increased traffic and dangerous parking within the boundaries of the site. There are already concerns regarding dangerous driving and speeding in the vicinity, documented and reported to Police.
  4. An expectation of negative impact on users of the Nutbrook Trail.



  1. The proposal would create issues around the country park, raise anti-social behaviour with potential increase in criminal activities, attract more rogue motorcyclists, illegal use of the pathways and lanes in and around the country park creating safety issues – please refer to comments submitted by Derbyshire Constabulary.
  2. Loss of existing trees and hedgerows, disturbance to wildlife, re-settled after trauma to the landscape caused by former intense open cast mining.
  3. The protection of the archaeological sites on this landscape, coupled with the existing heritage features in the park deserve priority shielding to further embrace the local values embedded in this area for future generations.
  4. Full and unimpeded access for disabled persons required
  5. A public inquiry would be supported by the Parish Council  
  6. Particular reference to the Local Authority Public Rights of Way Officer comments regarding bridleways 5 & 9 Shipley on the Derbyshire Definitive Map and Nutbrook Trail cycle network route 67. The routes must remain unobstructed at all times on their lawful alignment and safety of the public using them must not be prejudiced either during or after the development. The Parish Council considers delivery of the scheme would conflict with this legal requirement.
  7. A long term maintenance plan, costs and responsibilities for the site not provided within the proposals, which could place the weight of a long term financial burden upon the local authorities.
  8. The health, safety and welfare of proposed users of the site, emergency access measures and sanitary facilities including toilets and clean water for hand washing are not referred to in the application.
  9. A potential adverse impact on the adjoining cricket ground and club facilities.
  10. Contamination issues from transfer of earthworks subject to adequate testing.