Shipley Parish Council
Shipley conclusion of annual audit 2016/2017
Shipley Accounting Statement
Shipley Annual Governance
Shipley Audit Notice
  Financial report year end 2015 2016
Internal audit completed. External audit 17th June 2016
  Shipley Parish Council Asset Register 2018 - 2019
Fri 1st Jun 2018
  End of year financial statement for Shipley Parish Council 2013 - 2014
Internal audit completed 28th April 2014
  Shipley Parish Council Complaints Procedure 2018 - 2019
Sun 10th Jun 2018
  Parish recreation grounds
Fri 8th Aug 2014
Review of Parish Recreation Ground facilities
  Shipley Parish Council Code of Conduct 2012
Thu 14th Jun 2018
  Annual Accounts year ending 31st March 2016
Wed 1st Jun 2016
  Privacy Policy adopted 24th July 2018
Wed 1st Aug 2018
  Shipley 2015 2016 cumulative figures
Fri 1st Jul 2016
  Shipley Parish Council Privacy Notice
Wed 1st Aug 2018
  Finance Report April 2016 to November 2016
Sat 25th Mar 2017
  Parish Council Standing Orders 2017 2018
Tue 9th May 2017
  Council documents
Tue 23rd May 2017
Standing Orders 20172018
  Budget proposals for 2018 2019
Sun 14th Jan 2018
Budget subject to approval 23rd January 2018
  Annual Parish Meeting 22nd May 2018
Wed 16th May 2018
  Shipley Parish Council Financial Regulations 2018-2019
Fri 1st Jun 2018
  Shipley Parish Council Risk Assessment 2018-2019
Fri 1st Jun 2018

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