Shipley Parish Council Reports.
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Shipley Parish Council Asset Register 2018 - 2019
Shipley Parish Council Asset Register 2018 – 2019

1 Pit Lane Recreational Site equipment and fencing as installation 2016 £59,981.00
2 Shipley The Field Allotment Gardens Nil. Freehold held by Borough Council
3 Hassock Lane Recreation
Site £1.00
4 Four benches installed 2017 on Pit Lane Recreation Site £1236.00
5 Mower for allotment gardens £355.00
6 Telephone kiosk Nil
7 Defibrillator and cellphone £2400.00

8 Lenovo laptop £380.00
9 Timber bus shelter Hassock Lane Nil
10 Four noticeboards Nil

Shipley Parish Council
Approved at the Annual Council Meeting 22nd May 2018 - £64,353.00


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