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Shipley Parish Council Extraordinary Meeting 24th April 2018
Parish Council Meeting

In Attendance:-

Councillor K. Stevenson (Chairman)
Councillors Mrs. S. Bamford, Mrs. M. Jackson, G. MacDonald, Dr. C. Perko & D. Watson.
Also present at the meeting was Borough Councillor Richard Iliffe, representatives from Waystone Limited (Ms. H. McLoughin, S. Watling & Ms. A. Barnfield); six members of the public; Clerk Sheena Trower.


Apologies for absence were received from Parish Councillor Mrs T. Skelton.


Councillors Mrs. S. Bamford declared a non-pecuniary interest in Shipley Parish Rooms Trust. The Member did not discuss or vote on any item relating to the financial aspects of the interest.


176/2018 MINUTES

Minutes of Shipley Parish Council meeting held Tuesday 27th March 2018 as previously circulated.

Proposed Cllr G. McDonald; seconded Cllr Mrs. M. Jackson


That Minutes of the meeting held 27th March 2018 approved; the document was duly signed by the Chairman as a true and correct record of proceedings.


164/2018(a) The Chairman, on behalf of the Parish Council, extended appreciation to Cllr R. Iliffe for organisation of response reference bridge structure at The Field, Shipley. Noted a report would be forthcoming in due course.

Suspension of Standing Orders to allow the following matters:-


a) Presentation by representatives from Waystone Limited – development update for Shipley Lakeside (former American Adventure site)

Representatives from the organisation addressed the meeting with the following information:-
• The site was approved for development in 2016. Since that date, Waystone had worked with engineers and house builders.
• Funding would be finalised by Home Builders Federation in the near future to allow work to progress on the site to install services, footpaths, stabilisation and infrastructure works. The meeting noted the HBF funds would hopefully be secured within a few weeks from the date of the meeting. The loan funding (through Government) would assist with above.
• House builders would be publicised in near future.
• 106 funding process underway through the Borough Council.
• Materials would be retained and used on site including concrete crushing plant.
• Development plan for 307 houses plus retirement development. Cap in place on number of units. Retirement and retail developments would not be deliverable until later in the development process.
• The site was set into phases for development with final matters application to be submitted to the Borough Council for consideration through the planning process.
• Pit Lane barriers would remain in place until resident occupation underway.
• Some investigation work was still to be undertaken.
• Timescale of 12 – 18 months for phase one.
• Waystone Limited will be responsible for all excavation work on site.
• Highway information noted was still in discussion with the authorities.
• A site office and compound would be required for the site with security of the area a priority.

b) Public responses

Members of the public raised comments regarding the following matters through the Chairman:-
i. A query regarding the type of retail development to be encouraged on the site was responded to by the developer. The meeting noted the interest would be market led.
ii. A query regarding re-siting of the barrier gates on Pit Lane; the developer advised the barriers could only be moved on approval of access routes.
iii. A query was raised regarding a new highway road to link with West Hallam from the site to lessen traffic on Hassock Lane. The developer reported on the Highways Authority response with regard to traffic flow. Noted use of Shipley Common Lane within the plans was not supported by Highways. Noted land outside the circumference of the site was in the ownership of Derbyshire Wildlife Trust.
iv. Highway cleansing programme would be in place as soon as works commenced.
v. No asbestos was present on the site.

Standing Orders were re-instated by the Council.


Members of the Parish Council, through the Chairman, requested information from the developer as follows:-

a) Traffic management for Pit Lane to Hassock Lane - Cllr D. Watson submitted consideration of a traffic island to alleviate potential vehicle build-up and subsequent potential air and noise pollution concerns.
b) Information requested on Section 106 funding; discussions were underway with the Borough Council.
c) Request for update on the long term maintenance programme for the Shipley Lake. Noted discussions were ongoing.
d) Noted Derbyshire Wildlife Trust were working with the developers to ensure environmental protection of the site.
e) Trees would remain on the site, with bird nesting and protection measures a priority to the developer.
f) Network of footpaths and bridleways information requested; existing and additional footpaths would be retained and created.
g) Safety and noise audits planned for the site.
h) The development plans would have flexibility; property numbers fixed subject to retention of the same outcomes (307 houses and 120 two bedroom retirement units).
i) Request for information of potential extension of further development. The developer advised the existing car park area (currently green belt) may be utilised at a future date, subject to requirements and planning approval.

Proposed Chairman; seconded Cllr G. MacDonald


That the matter presented for further consideration on the next agenda.


The Chairman reported on the success of the Community Litter Pick which took place on Sunday 8th April 2018 commencing from the Shipley Garden Centre car park area, supported by County Councillor A. Stevenson.

Consideration for a book on the history of Shipley was discussed, subject to availability of funding.


a) To receive financial summary of the 2017 – 2018 accounts circulated prior to meeting.
Shipley Parish Council
Payments and Receipts 2017/2018

Audited Unaudited
2016-2017 Receipts 2017-2018
13,500.00 Precept 13,500.00
54.39 Bank Interest 42.92
137.50 Allotments 157.00
0.00 Parks 0.00
9.81 Miscellaneous 0.00
9,841.50 VAT Recovered 1,832.93
0.00 Transfers 0.00
23,543.20 15,532.85

3,066.13 General Administration 2,601.57
3,484.24 Staff 1,941.95
9,718.75 Parks 7,268.67
1,500.00 Section 137 0.00
287.21 Office expenses/travel/phone 852.38
1,833.91 VAT 910.20
19,890.24 13,574.77

Cumulative fund Balance
11,743.81 01/04/17 - 31/03/18 15,396.77
23,543.20 Add total income 15532.85
0.00 Miscellaneous 0.00
19,890.24 Less total expenditure 13,574.77
15,396.77 01/04/16 - 31/3/17 17,354.85

Represented by
7,238.64 Current Account 9,252.36
9,107.23 National Savings 9,150.15
949.10 Uncleared Cheques 1,047.66
15,396.77 17,354.85

b) To confirm completion of the Internal Audit by Mr. B. Wood and report received, previously circulated for satisfactory completion of the internal audit for accounts year ending 31st March 2018.
c) To receive confirmation of audit requirements from P.K.F. Littlejohn for the period 2017 -2018.
d) Proposed policy Data Protection in accordance with GDPR in force effective from 25th May 2018.

Proposed Cllr Dr. C. Perko; seconded Cllr S. Bamford


i. The report of the Internal Auditor was received and approved.
ii. That the reports received and referred to the Annual Parish Council meeting for consideration of the annual governance statement and endorsement of end of year accounts for the period to 31st March 2018.
iii. Approval of the Data Protection Policy for Shipley effective from 25th May 2018.


It was reported a draft lease was under preparation by Amber Valley Borough Council as landlord of The Field, Shipley garden site under licence as garden plots to Shipley Parish Council. The new lease would include an additional plot which was formerly directly leased by the Borough Council.

The lease would secure the site for the Parish Council over a period of 7 years from approval, subject to agreement of the terms and conditions. The meeting noted the specific area was un-designated as a statutory allotment site.

The Chairman reported on the potential future development of the Hassock Lane site to provide allotment gardens, should the Borough Council contract out of the lease prior to the end of its term of 2025, as detailed within the conditions of the contract.

Proposed Cllr G. MacDonald; seconded Cllr D. Watson


That the Chairman and Proper Officer sign the allotment lease on behalf of the Parish Council.


The next meeting of the Parish Council to take place as follows:-

a) Annual Parish Meeting 2018
b) Followed by Annual Parish Council Meeting to take place on Tuesday 22nd May 2018 commencing at 7.00 p.m. in the Shipley Parish Rooms.

There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.20 p.m.


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