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Shipley Parish Council response to planning application AVA/2017/1117
Copy of letter sent to Amber Valley Borough Council 30th October 2017

Re: Planning application AVA/2017/1117
Counter Solutions, The Field, Shipley, Derbyshire.
I write on behalf of Shipley Parish Council with regard to the above planning application, which was considered at a Council meeting held on Friday 20th October 2017. Following information received from the Borough Council representative, the Council acknowledge there is no requirement for change of use for the site. Please find attached the formal response from the Parish Council:-
The following comments were resolved:-
a) Verification on the requirement for change of use on the site from current commercial reverting to residential – acknowledgement of the information received from Borough Council 30th October 2017.
b) Planning application for submission of demolition of an unlisted building within this conservation area – clarification received the order incorporated within the application.
c) Referral to the Borough Member Councillor R. Iliffe for recommendation of consideration of the proposals by the Borough Council Planning Board following site visit.
d) The Parish Council is mindful of the applicant’s requirements. However, the retention of the integrity and heritage of the village is a priority to this Council on behalf of the community. Taking this priority into account, with reference to the planning policies, the following information is submitted for consideration.
e) The Parish Council would, in principle, support a sympathetic and careful re-development of the site embedded with features to reflect the existing properties within the conservation village.
f) Subject to protection and access rights granted to fishing club(s) to protect their ability to enjoy the facility of the lake.
g) Road safety improvement measures to the lane linking Marlpool to The Field. It was a consideration this access would generate additional use by introduction of the development as it provides a direct link to local schools, amenities, Derby, M.1. etc. Traffic would be more frequent than the existing use of commercial. This request could be generated through Section 106 funding (subject to the threshold levy for development) or through a gesture of goodwill towards road safety improvement of the parish to also benefit a new development. The Parish Council has previously raised concerns with the Derbyshire County representative due to speeding vehicles in close proximity to the well-used Nutbrook Trail, which runs parallel to the site and access road.
h) Retention of all the woodland area within the site boundaries, tied to a long term maintenance package for the woodland and lake, including security measures.
i) Of concern is the predicted heavy construction vehicle usage of The Field to access the site during demolition and construction works. Taking account of the structural deficiencies of the bridge, identified by the County Council, loading of the structure prior to restoration works could exacerbate the recorded situation. It is an assumption the Marlpool access route has severe height restrictions for construction vehicles due to the low stone bridge supporting the Nutbrook trail, therefore anticipated use of The Field route requires confirmation.
j) No gas supply is present on the site. Would developers plan to install this service and what upheaval could be expected by the community. Would the developer be considering alternative means of energy supplies to the site.

k) With regard to the development proposals:-
l) Reference to EN1 and SS11 policies. Sustainable development which will enhance or maintain the vitality of rural communities reference the NPPF.
m) The Parish Council would consider support of a development of five residential properties on this site, subject to the properties reflecting influence from the former Edwardian area of The Coppice building; it was noted from the Statement that many of the architectural features had been masked with later additions and rendering. However, the structural framework of the original heritage house deserves reflection in a sympathetic and visually attractive development within this beautiful setting – i.e. Edwardian features of natural materials, red brick construction, arts & craft features etc. It was resolved this type of development on the site would add a positive contribution to the surroundings.
n) The impact on the surrounding greenbelt and conservation village of stark, modern new residential development would not be acceptable and the Parish Council submits its objection in the strongest terms against any development on the site other than as stated above.
o) Clarification of the future responsibilities for maintenance of the un-adopted roads within the village.

I trust you find this information acceptable and the Parish Council looks forward to receiving further particulars with regard to referral of the application to the Planning Board.


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