Shipley Parish Council Agenda.
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Shipley Parish Council Meeting Tuesday 23rd January 2018
Chairman: Councillor Keith Stevenson, 6 The Field, Shipley, Derbyshire. DE75 7JH.
Clerk: Sheena Trower, Bailey Brook House, Langley Mill, Derbys NG16 4BE.
Tel: 01773 764202 (answerphone)
website :


1) Apologies for absence

2) Declarations of Interest & review of the Register of Interests for Amber Valley Borough Council

3) To receive the Minutes:-

Shipley Parish Council Extraordinary Meeting held Tuesday 28th November 2017 as attached.

4) To determine if any items should be taken with the public excluded.
If it is deemed appropriate to exempt the public from any item, the following resolution will be passed. “That in accordance with section 100a(4) of the Local Government Act 1972, in view of the confidential nature of the business about to be transacted, it is advisable in the public interest that the public and press be excluded from the meeting and they be instructed to withdraw.”


6) At the start of the meeting a period of not more than 15 minutes will be made available for members of the public to ask questions or submit comments about Parish Council matters.

7) If the Police Liaison Officer, a County Council or District Council Member is in attendance, the public will be given the opportunity to raise any relevant matter with them. Members of the Council however will restrict Police matters they raise to those relating to their Council Ward.

8) Police Reports from Derbyshire Constabulary

9) Members of the Public address

10) Amber Valley Borough Council representative report
- Borough Councillor Alex Stevenson

11) Amber Valley Borough Council representative report
- Borough Councillor Richard Iliffe

11) Derbyshire County Council representative report
- County Councillor Alex Stevenson

12) Chairman’s Announcements

13) Parish Council Vacancy – update on applications closing date 28th February 2018.

14) To receive reports from the following representatives:-
a) Shipley Parish Room Trust (Councillors Mrs. T. Skelton & Mrs. S. Bamford)
b) Allotment Site representative (Councillor D. Watson)
c) Update on vacant plot formerly managed by the Borough Council.

15) Recreation Ground Project at Pit Lane, Shipley.

a) Updates on inspections of play area and written reports.
b) Maintenance of the area including hedging
c) Removal of remaining container – update
d) Stile and gate access repairs update at Pit Lane following removal of container.
e) Football pitch – realignment proposals and discussion regarding use of the site for recreational purposes
f) Directional signage and noticeboard for Pit Lane recreation site

16) DALC Circulars circulated by email:-
a. Circular 1/2018 Index of 2017 circulars
b. Circular 2/2018 GDPR; training; annual Governance & Accountability Return.

17) Correspondence for report:-
a) DEFRA applications of up to £6,800 per hectare to plant, weed and protect more trees through the Woodland Creation Grant scheme with applications invited from January 2018. Reminder for January 2018 meeting.
b) Derbyshire County Council Snow Warden Scheme 2017 – 2018 update.

18) Repo
19) rt on planning matters:-
a) AVA/2017/1117 Counter Solutions The Field Shipley response awaited from the Borough Council update.
b) Planning applications:- updates from the daily releases from Borough Council website.

20) Finance
a) To consider cheques for payment from 28th November 2017 to 23rd January 2018.
b) Balances of accounts at 31st December 2017 on receipt of HSBC bank statement 296.
c) To review budget plan for 2018 – 2019 and to set the Precept requirements for the period 2018 – 2019.

21) Parish Council Newsletter - articles required.

22) Improvements for Road Safety in the Parish:-

a) Road Safety Measures for the area around The Field, Shipley – report from Chairman.

b) Road safety measures Shipley – to consider a plan of action, consultation with residents and submission of grant application to support an approved scheme.

23) Directional signage for The Field, Shipley update (Cllr D. Watson)

24) Telephone kiosk and defibrillator update; re-painting and consideration of installation of etched glass panels subject to sponsorship support through community.

25) Telephone kiosk sponsorship application (Chairman)

26) Hassock Lane report on the former recreation ground and future uses including grant applications and liaison with DWT. (Chairman)

27) Exclusion of Public Order to allow Staff Matters – to consider office costs to Council.

28) Date and time of next meeting:-

Shipley Parish Council Working Council Meeting Tuesday 27th February 2018 commencing at 7 p.m.
Shipley Parish Council Meeting Tuesday 27th March 2018 commencing at 7 p.m.

All meetings to take place at the Shipley Parish Rooms, The Field, Shipley commencing at 7.00 p.m.
The public and press are cordially invited to attend Parish Council meetings and address during Public Participation Period.

Filming and recording of all meetings is permitted.

Access for all is available at the Shipley Parish Room with facilities for persons with disabilities.

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