Shipley Parish Council Minutes.
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Shipley Parish Council Meeting Minutes 26th January 2016
Parish Council Meeting

In Attendance:-

Councillor Dr. C. Perko (Acting Chairman)
Councillors Mrs. M. Jackson, Mrs. T. Skelton, K. Stevenson & P. Taylor.

Also in attendance: Derbyshire County Councillor Paul Jones, Amber Valley Borough Councillor Richard Iliffe and two members of the public, Mr. D. Hollingsworth and an additional parishioner.

107/2016 APOLOGIES

The meeting received apologies from Councillors G. MacDonald & D. Wood. Apologies also received from Derbyshire Constabulary.

RESOLVED:- The apologies received and accepted.


The following Members declared an interest in agenda matters:-

Councillor Mrs. T. Skelton declared a personal interest in agenda item 13(a) Shipley Parish Room Trust, as members of the organisation. The member only updated on the Trust’s activities.



109/2016 MINUTES

The following Minutes were circulated for consideration by Council:-

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held Tuesday 24th November 2015 including Working Party recommendations from meeting held 27th October 2015.


i. That the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 24th November 2015 and attached working party recommendations approved. The Chairman, on behalf of the Parish Council, signed the document as a true record of the proceedings.



Mr. Hollingsworth addressed the meeting regarding the following matters:-

a) Appreciation extended to Council for removal of fallen tree from The Field
b) Update requested on the Lakeside development
c) Request on information regarding proposals for merging of Councils. Cllr Jones updated.

RESOLVED that the information noted.


Verbal report received from Borough Councillor R. Iliffe:-

a) Planning approval granted for Hassock Lane adjacent to Shipley Garden Centre
b) Works to commence on Lakeside including tree clearance programme by Waystone Developments.


Derbyshire County Councillor Paul Jones reported on the following matters:-

a) Shipley Lakeside Report on works commencing on Shipley Lakeside to remediate the site.
b) Amber Valley Core Strategy update; the proposals for submission did not accommodate an adequate supply for five year demand.
c) Council tax increases received.
d) Thriving Communities Creating a locality base look at resource allocation which will cover each district. The officer lead for Amber Valley will be Mike Ashworth Strategic Director for Environment, Transport and Economy with the appropriate cabinet and deputy Cabinet members,
e) Fracking Although the fracking licences awarded by the government does not directly included the Heanor and Loscoe area the area covered by licence SK45 does cover Alfreton Codnor Castle , Ironville , Ripley Somercotes and Swanwick so does have the potential to be on our doorstep.
f) Derbyshire Discretionary Fund
1.1. Overview of the Derbyshire Discretionary Fund
The Derbyshire Discretionary Fund (DDF) provides two forms of grant payment – Emergency Cash Payments and Exceptional Pressure Grants.
1.1.1. Emergency Cash Payments
The scope of an Emergency Cash Payment is to assist individuals or households when there are insufficient resources to meet an urgent need for food, heating or travel expenses, which pose an immediate and substantial risk to the health and safety of the person(s).
Awards of Emergency Cash Payments are subject to a maximum limit, which is set at 75% of the single person rate of means tested benefit for claimants over 25 and under pension age (from 1.7.2014 this is £54) with an additional maximum amount for each family member of £10. There are no minimum limits.
Emergency Cash Payments are made to applicants using the Post Office ‘Payout’ provision in which a voucher code is sent to the applicant by text message, and which is “cashed” at the local Post Office for the value allocated to the voucher.
1.1.2. Exceptional Pressure Grants
The scope of an Exceptional Pressure Grant is to:
• Help people to establish themselves in the community following a stay in institutional or residential accommodation, where care was provided; or
• Help people to remain in the community rather than enter institutional or residential accommodation; or
• Ease exceptional pressure on the applicant and their family; or
• Help people setting up home as part of a resettlement programme following a period during which they have been without a settled way of life; or
• Help with travel expenses in certain circumstances, e.g. to visit someone who is ill; attend a relative's funeral; ease a domestic crisis; or visit a child who is with the other parent pending a court decision.
Awards of Exceptional Pressure Grants vary according to the cost of the items or services for which the award is made.
2014/15 saw an increase of people using the fund by 2628 to 16372 awarding a total of £1.018m and is part of the Councils anti-poverty strategy. Amber Valley generates the fourth largest number of applications in Derbyshire
g) Road Traffic Collisions 2014
Amber Valley last the highest number of collisions outside Derby City and had 1 fatality in 2014 and despite a slight increase on overall figures for 2014 the trend is still downwards.
h) Made in Derbyshire Fine bone china manufacturing specialist Royal Crown Derby and aerospace giant Rolls-Royce are the latest members to sign up to the 'Made in Derbyshire 2015' campaign celebrating everything that's great about our county.
i) Combined Authority
Elected Mayor, Police Commissioner
j) Get your passport for free If you’re thinking of volunteering or are already a volunteer but would like some training, why not sign up for the county council’s Volunteer Passport scheme. You’ll get five free half-day training sessions led by experienced and qualified tutors, with sessions covering basic skills needed to volunteer with adults, young people or children, including first aid, health and safety, and supporting vulnerable people For more information go to www. volunteerpassport or telephone 01629 532093.
k) Time is all you need Time Swap schemes are setting up across the county, encouraging local communities to help each other by sharing time and talents. Members earn ‘time’ by doing jobs in their community which help other people, for example gardening, DIY, sewing, knitting, helping with paperwork, ironing, dog walking, reading and cooking. If you’re a member you can bank the time you’ve earned and spend it on getting help from other people with something you find difficult. It’s in the early stages so please get in touch if you’re interested in a scheme setting up in your area or if you’d like to join one. N
l) A well-maintained road network is key to Derbyshire’s future prosperity. And despite the challenge of cutbacks to Government funding, the county council is taking a forward-thinking approach to help improve the state of Derbyshire’s roads. £23m will be spent over the next three years on improving the condition of hundreds of miles of roads by fixing any defects and then adding another layer on top of the surface, known as surface dressing. Surface dressing makes a road waterproof – it’s keeping the water out that will keep the potholes at bay long-term and the road should then last another 10 to 15 years. Over the summer 160 miles of roads have been surface-dressed. Potholes are continuing to be filled as they appear and since April this year 34,000 have been fixed. If you spot a pothole please report it at
m) Derbyshire is taking an innovative approach to helping people who are struggling to feed their families. Over the past year more than 21,500 local residents were fed by emergency food parcels – the main reasons being benefit delays, benefit changes and low incomes. And for children, poor nutrition today can store up major health problems when they become an adult. The county council is working with a range of charities to create forward-thinking solutions to help people lift themselves out of food poverty including: • A food depot in Derbyshire: a distribution centre managed by national food waste charity Fareshare for perishable food such as fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy produce and meat from supermarkets that would otherwise be thrown away. • Breakfast clubs: the county council funds breakfast clubs in 24 schools which could be extended in the future. • Super Kitchens: Super Kitchens use Fareshare food and local volunteers to cook and provide nutritious meals at a cost of £1 to £2, using children’s centres, churches and schools. • Mobile food shop: the mobile shop will operate across the county and be stocked with Fareshare food to distribute to communities at very low cost. For more information www.derbyshire. Receiving ‘charity’. It will also include a teaching facility to help people cook healthily on a tight budget.
n) Derbyshire Community Bank Credit unions – now known as community banks – are a great way to save or borrow and they also keep money in Derbyshire to invest in our future. Community banks are not-for-profit financial cooperatives which are owned and controlled by members and protected by the same regulations as your bank or building society. Derbyshire Community Bank is the new name for Erewash Credit Union and offers dividends on savings as well as loans at lower rates than many high street lenders. You can: • Borrow from as little as £100 to as much as £15,000 with highly competitive interest rates and no hidden charges or fees • Set up regular savings to help you plan for the unexpected • Reduce your business banking costs if you’re self-employed • Manage your money and apply for a loan online. Advisors can explain: • what a community bank is and what it offers • Ethical savings and the benefits of signing up to save • Competitive rates on personal loans of up to £15,000 • other types of savings including Christmas and junior savings accounts • the online joining and banking service • How community banks are regulated and how your money is protected. For more information about Derbyshire Community Bank visit Anyone living or working in the county can join Derbyshire Community Bank but there are also four others operating in Bolsover, Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire, High Peak and South Derbyshire. To find out more visit www.derbyshire.
o) The County Council has increased its funding for Food banks from £108,000 to £125,000 due to an increase in the number of food banks from 14 -22 across Derbyshire .
p) We are consulting on the budget for 2016/17 and are asking residents to get engaged in the process by suggesting which services they feel we such cut to make the £40 million saving we are being forced to make. You can either take part by visiting the Councils website or paper copies are available in local libraries. The closing date for consultation is 4th December 2015.
q) Concern over fitting of child car seats as recent safety checks have shown 43% are fitted incorrectly.
r) Reminding residents over 65, have long term health issues or are pregnant to get their free flu jabs
s) Youth unemployment in Amber Valley is above the national average of 1.8% at 2 .20% with Heanor and Loscoe ward being 3.80%.,Heanor West 2.70% and Heanor East being 2.60%.
t) Right of Way parish of Shipley the meeting noted serving of notice on landowner to repair/clear vegetation at gate on rights of way number 3 and 24.
Councillor Jones dealt with questions raised and advised the developer of the Shipley Lakeside was now responsible for the safety of the Pit Lane access route and gate.

The Chairman thanked Cllr Jones for his informative address.


Apologies for absence received from Derbyshire Constabulary.


a) Pit Lane Play Area The Chairman extended appreciation to those Members of the Parish Council who continued to provide a voluntary service to inspect and ensure the safety of the Pit Lane play area.
b) Celebration for Her Majesty the Queen’s 90th Birthday the meeting noted the Shipley W.I. would like to organise a celebration to mark the occasion in the parish.


That the Shipley W.I. supported to organise a Parish Event on Sunday 12th June 2016 at the Shipley Parish Rooms from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m. with cream teas, organisation of music with attendance of band for the occasion. Cllr K. Stevenson agreed to seek information on availability of brass band via Heanor Church, Cllr Paul Taylor reported on steel band at Heanor College; costs for bunting to be sought for decoration of the rooms.


a) Shipley Parish Room Trust Councillor Mrs. T. Skelton reported the Parish Rooms had been decorated; notices would be sent to hirers of the rooms to protect the decoration; paperwork had been boxed for collection by the Parish Council. Cllr Perko agreed to collate relevant information for retention.
b) Allotment Gardens, The Field Cllr K. Stevenson reported (i) the allotment hedge now cut by Mr. A. Steeples. (ii) No garden reports. (iii) Cllr Taylor reported on the Parish Council proposals to install a new pedestrian gate at the site of the existing unused gate, which was noted as a historical artefact. A new gate had been purchased.
c) Derbyshire County Council Liaison Meeting No meeting held.


i. That the reports received.
ii. With reference to (b) (iii) no further action on gate installation. The new gate would be stored until further notice by Cllrs Stevenson & Taylor.


a) Cllr Stevenson reported on the inspections carried out by Cllrs Dr. C. Perko, Mrs. T. Skelton & P. Taylor and himself.
b) Reports received on repairs/improvements required to the play area including additional/replacement matting to two areas. Quotations for materials to be sought (approximately 9 sq. metres materials required).
c) The access gate to the play area from Pit Lane of insufficient width.
d) It was reported Amber Valley Borough Council had carried out an inspection of the play area following completion. Key repairs included adjustments to play area gates to allow sufficient closure, goal areas required attention and the effectiveness of the drainage installed was discussed.
e) The meeting noted the hedges had been cut on Pit Lane and Hassock Lane.
f) Quotation received for installation of noticeboard at Pit Lane. Pictorial quotation £2380.00 nett. An additional quotation had been requested from Mr. P. Marriott which was awaited.
g) Report on the football pitch and its hire to Heanor Lions Football Club. Quotations had been sought for maintenance of the ground from Amber Valley Borough Council in the sum of £2258.10 plus VAT; Shipley Country Park were unable to assist due to the specialist machinery required.


i. That the report received.
ii. That materials purchased to provide adequate surface matting in the play area
iii. That the Heanor Lions Football Club invited to comment on the condition of the goal mouth areas.
iv. That the club asked if it would consider using part of the pitch during re-seeding of the goal areas. The meeting noted that the pitch was used out of season for training purposes.
v. No action on (f) until further discussion regarding development at Shipley Lakeside.
vi. With reference to (g) above, that an offer of maintenance to be submitted to Heanor Lions Football Club to be submitted:- the Parish Council would seek quotations from Grass Track to mow the football pitch and maintain the play area subject to the football club agreement to meet an annual rental of £500.00 for the hire of the grounds.


Derbyshire Association of Local Councils circulars sent to Members by email as follows:-

Circular 3/2016 Derbyshire ALC - 02-2016 Circular - Revised Legal Topic Notes & Briefing - Consultation National Planning Policy Exec Sum - Consultation New Homes Bonus - DALC Executive Vacancies - Spring Seminar - Training March 2016 - HM Queen's 90th Birthday celebrations.

RESOLVED:- That the information noted.


a) 155 Hassock Lane south, Shipley Two storey side extension No objections
b) Shipley Nursing Home The Field conversion of existing outbuilding and improvements to entrance No objections
c) 59 Hassock Lane North Shipley Lawful use as a C3 dwelling breach of condition restricting the occupancy to a person employed in agriculture – approved through Amber Valley Borough Council


(a) A schedule of payments distributed to Council for consideration for the periods November to 31st December 2015 including cheque numbers 100817 to 100869 totalling £66,086.78 to 31st December 2015.
(b) Income for the 2015 – 2016 period to date reported at £80,765.27 which included grants towards play area.
(c) Budget Recommendations 2016 – 2017 a report was received of the current financial information for 2015 – 2016 and recommendations for the forthcoming period, with a precept remaining static in the sum of £13,500.00.


i. That the information noted.
ii. With reference to (a) above payments approved in the gross sum of £66,086.78.
iii. Income information noted.
iv. That the budget and precept figures received as per (c) above.
v. That the precept requirements for the period 2016 – 2017 remain unchanged with a claim for £13,500 showing no increase in household charges for residents.


It was reported the next newsletter would be prepared for delivery in July 2016. Articles discussed included historical information, photographs, allotment reports, update on the Shipley Lakeside development.



It was reported the vacancy remained publicised on the Parish noticeboards.

RESOLVED:- That the vacancy continue to be publicised.



That the site remained on the Council consider the site and its potential usefulness to the community at the next working party meeting. A discussion was held on the potential use of the site for grazing, woodland, pet cemetery; all uses would be subject to the approval of Amber Valley Borough Council. The meeting noted the site had no supply of fresh water.

It was agreed that the goalposts to be removed as soon as possible. Clerk to contact Streetscape.

Cllr Dr. Perko agreed to look through documentation provided through the SPRT to seek information on the site.


Cllr K. Stevenson reported there was no progress since the last report in November 2015.

Signage for The Field, Shipley was discussed with a finger post type installation to be considered, which could include additional pointers for Shipley Cricket Club.


Cllr Stevenson agreed to pursue the matter on behalf of the Parish Council.

Quotation for signage to be sought.


It was reported the competition had been publicised on the website and newsletter.




That in accordance with section 100a(4) of the Local Government Act 1972, in view of the confidential nature of the business about to be transacted, it is advisable in the public interest that the public and press be excluded from the meeting and they be instructed to withdraw.



The meeting noted receipt of correspondence with regard to staffing matters.

It was agreed that the member of staff to work for a period of 3 hours per week and attend bi-monthly meetings held by the Council, subject to the arrangement of the Annual Parish Meeting and extraordinary meetings which could be arranged.



That from the Civic Year 2016 – 2017, the Council would sit bi-monthly during May, July, September, November, January, March, with the exception of the Annual Parish Meeting which would be held in April each year.

The Council Members would attend working party meetings on an informal basis on the other months.

That the Parish Council meeting due to take place on Tuesday 22nd March 2016 would be replace with an informal Working Party Meeting for Council Members from 7 p.m. at the Parish Rooms. This meeting would not be open to attendance by members of the public.

The Annual Parish Meeting would take place on Tuesday 26th April 2016 at 7.00 p.m. at the Parish Rooms.



A meeting of the Parish Council Committee would take place on Tuesday 23rd February 2016 commencing at
7 p.m. at the Shipley Parish Rooms, The Field, Shipley.

There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.50 p.m.


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