Shipley Parish Council Minutes.
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Shipley Parish Council Working Party Meeting Tuesday 27th October 2015

Parish Council Working Party Meeting

In Attendance:-

Councillor G. MacDonald (Chairman)
Councillors Mrs. T. Skelton & D. Wood.

Also in attendance: Mrs. Louise Birks & Mrs. Catherine Smith, representatives from Heanor Lions Football Club, lessees of the Shipley Pit Lane football field.

1. Apologies for absence received from Councillors Mrs. M. Jackson, Dr. C. Perko, K. Stevenson & P. Taylor.
2. A Working Party meeting was held due to the lack of a Council quorate.
3. Heanor Lions Football Club Representatives from the organisation addressed the meeting regarding the club’s continued lease of the ground. Maintenance costs for the ground were discussed, which was in the region of £1000 per annum – the mowing costs were met by the club. Following installation of the play area, the Parish Council had previously accepted a share of the maintenance costs for the site would be considered.

A recommendation would be submitted to the next Parish Council meeting that quotations be sought for maintaining the site with a mowing contract to include the play area.

Concerns with regard to the barrier gate remaining open during football matches. Mrs. Smith reported that this procedure was in line with the health and safety requirements whilst matches were underway to allow access for an emergency vehicle if required due to injury. Some experiences of residents complaining about the situation to members of the football club was reported. The Chairman also advised of his experience of the same.

It was recommended that a noticeboard could be installed at the barrier area with a Parish Council notice to advise the gate would remain open during matches. The status of the Pit Lane was also queried.

A discussion was held regarding requirements from 2016 for on site shower facilities for some clubs to remain within the football leagues. Mrs. Smith & Mrs. Birks agreed to seek funding information in this regard.

In summary, the Parish Council would seek quotations for the following:-
i. Quotation for mowing of the football field and play area
ii. Noticeboard on Pit Lane
iii. The Shipley Country Park and Amber Valley Borough Council would be asked to provide quotations for the mowing.

The Chairman expressed appreciation to the football club representatives for their attendance and informative address.

4. Pit Lane Play Area It was reported the site was inspected weekly by volunteer Councillors. New advisory signs now installed, a limited amount of graffiti on the site. Confirmation the opening event at 2 p.m. on Saturday 14th November 2015 meeting on site.
5. Newsletter A draft of the newsletter was awaited.
6. Hassock Lane Confirmation the aged equipment now removed from the site and the area left safe. The Chairman would seek the location of documentation which may be held by a former Chairman on the history of the site. A suggestion of solar panel farm for the site was received.
7. Shipley Parish Room Trust Recommendation that a joint meeting to be held between the Parish Council and Trust to arrange documentation storing/shredding of Parish Council documents which had remained in the Trust’s possession.
8. National Salary Awards through National Association of Local Councils referred to the next Council meeting.
9. Hassock Lane expression of interest the meeting noted an interest in the site; due to the site remaining within the greenbelt zone this determined very limited uses for the site, which was also subject to covenants on the deeds. Further investigation through the Land Registry was underway. Recommendation that the enquiry was directed to Waystones.

The meeting was closed at 7.55 p.m.


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