Shipley Parish Council Minutes.
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Shipley Minutes 28th July 2015
Parish Council Meeting
TUESDAY 28th JULY 2015

In Attendance:-

Councillor G. MacDonald (Chairman)
Councillors Mrs. M. Jackson, Mrs. T. Skelton, K. Stevenson, P. Taylor & D. Wood.

Also in attendance: Amber Valley Borough Council Member Councillor Richard Iliffe; Derbyshire Constabulary Officers P. C. S. Allcock & P.C.S.O. Courtney Chetwyn and one member of the public Mr. D. Hollingsworth.


The meeting received apologies from Councillor Dr. C. Perko & Derbyshire County Councillor Paul Jones.

RESOLVED:- The apologies received and accepted.


The following Members declared an interest in agenda matters:-

Councillors Mrs. T. Skelton & D. Wood declared a personal interest in agenda item 13(a) Shipley Parish Room Trust, as members of the organisation. The members only updated on the Trust’s activities.



53/2016 MINUTES


That the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 30th June 2015 approved. The Chairman, on behalf of the Parish Council, signed the document as a true record of the proceedings.



Mr. Hollingsworth raised the following parish matters:-
(a) Upgrading of the Hardy Barn and Hassock Lane areas.
(b) Reportable invasive plant Hogweed in the vicinity. Noted no reports had been received to date, which would have to be directed to the County Council.
(c) Derbyshire County Council and its request to identify any historical footpaths which had been unused over the years.
(d) Cllr Iliffe provided an update on the approval of the Shipley Lakeside planning application submitted by Waystone Developments.


Amber Valley Borough Councillor Richard Iliffe reported on the following matters:-

a) An invitation was extended to Borough Councillor Richard Iliffe to officially open the Pit Lane recreation area following publication of the development within the next Parish Council newsletter.
b) An update received on the Shipley Lakeside development. Noted an estimate of around 3 to 7 years timescale before the building works commenced on the site. Residential housing, retirement village and some commercial ventures were approved. This included management of the lake at an estimate of £2 million. The meeting noted the development company had withdrawn the appeal process.


Derbyshire County Councillor Paul Jones had extended his apologies for absence. A written report was received by the Council:-

County Wide
a) Proposed D2 Combined Authority
b) Signed a £27 m contract, 15,000 Derbyshire properties for super-fast broadband
c) Invested £214 m to date at Markham Vale
a) Invested £23 m in a long term strategy to provide a well maintained highway and transport network
b) Secured £4 m funding to address problems caused by winter conditions, secured £2.9 m to repair damage caused by severe rainfall and flooding and £2.4 m for pothole repairs.
c) Approved £24 m expenditure in an invest to save strategy for LED street lighting and column replacement
d) Provided £7.5 m to improve cycling/new cycle routes for both cyclists and walkers
a) Developed and approved an anti-poverty strategy
b) Provided £945,000 funding for the Derbyshire Discretionary Fund (DDF)
c) Provided £360,000 to help 5 local Credit Unions provide approximately 750 loans to residents
a) Carried out a health and well being strategy review to focus more clearly on health needs and priorities
b) Implemented Public Health Locality Programme to improve health and reduce health inequalities
c) Set up a £8m Public Health Resource Fund to minimise the impact of reductions or removal of services
d) Approved a Better Care Fund Plan, setting out Derbyshire’s vision for whole person care and plans to reduce hospital admissions in the county
e) Worked with the NHS to develop joined up ways of delivering services
Green and sustainable
a) Adopted the Derbyshire Climate Change Charter
b) Identified 6 Council sites with potential to accommodate large scale, ground mounted solar PV
c) Increased recycling and composting rates to 54%; the Council has a target of 55% by 202
Children and young people
a) Received a recent ‘good’ Ofsted rating for Safeguarding and child protection
b) Improved the overall effectiveness of Derbyshire schools being judged to be ‘good’ or outstanding by Ofsted
c) Provided £250,000 of additional resources into the Youth Service, over 8,800 children attending sessions
Adult Care
a) Providing an additional 116 extra care apartments
b) Increased resources in the Direct Care home care service
a) Contributed £1000 per business as part of Apprentice Grant for Employers (AGE) grants scheme for Heanor businesses which have been supported including E. Parry Electrical Installations Limited, KLM Hair, MPC Services, The Garment Studio, Sherwood Packaging, DH Plumbing & Heating and J.R. Flooring Services.
Roads & Transport
b) The Greater Heanor Electoral Division DCC had 109 pothole repair jobs completed from 1st April 2014 to 31st March 2015 and there were 158 pothole repair jobs in the Heanor Central Electoral Division
c) DCC are currently looking at the possibility of relocating the barrier on Pit Lane a the request of the Parish Council.
Adult Care
a) Continued to provide support for Heanor 50 plus Forum
b) Provided 311 adult care services to 270 people who met the eligibility criteria in the area. 182 received community care, which includes services such as home care, day care and direct payments. 104 people were supported through permanent nursing and residential care and 16 people received both community and nursing and residential care. A further 1430 clients received services at or near the point of contact
c) Continued to administer the Trusted Trader Scheme which currently has 240 members within 5 miles of the Heanor Library site and 531 within 10 miles.
d) £19,218 funding for 2015/2016 to Derbyshire Mind (Amber Valley) who provide an advocacy service for people with mental ill health in the Amber Valley and Erewash areas.
e) £1,927 funding for 2015/2016 to Stepping Stones (Amber Valley) who provide da services for people living in the Heanor area, with services being targeted at people with high level needs, mainly frail older people, but also including younger people with learning disabilities and/or mental health problems.
f) £38,975 funding for 2015/2016 to Amber Valley CVS who provide a range of activities in Amber Valley, which include the recruitment, training and placement of volunteers, support to local voluntary/community groups and a wide range of direct services to support individuals living at home. Funding provided assists with provision of the Community development, volunteer training support and brokerage, and the Befriending services for older disabled people.
g) £9,934 funding for 2015/2016 to Derby City and South Derbyshire Mental Health Carers Forum who provide support to carers of people with mental ill health who live in Amber Valley, Erewash and South Derbyshire.
h) £9,433 funding for 2015/2016 to Hearing Help (Amber Valley) service who provide practical help, information and support by means of hearing aid servicing clinics, social groups, home visits, befriending services for the housebound, loan of equipment and newsletters with funding provided to assist with the provision of the above services.
Leisure & Culture
a) In 2013 – 2014 there were 59,209 visits made to Heanor Library. In May 2014 Heanor Library closed and moved to temporary accommodation while a new library was built. The new library will feature an improved children’s library, a Health & Wellbeing Zone, custom-built area for people to se free-access computers and communal seating and study areas. DCC has committed £892,500 to build the new library and it is expected to open later in the year.
b) DCC has worked jointly with the Parish Council in recent months to help create a lasting war memorial on the DCC owned village green. The Parish Council installed a bench and bollards, also planted a cherry tree while DCC resurfaced the track around the Green in toptrek and put up signs to help with traffic calming through the village.
Shipley Country Park
a) Shipley Country Park successfully retained its accreditation by Natural England which recognises it as a place that delivers facilities expected of country parks in March 2014, and also received a prestigious Green Flag Award in July 2014.
b) Shipley Country Park used for the training venue for our Public Health Resource Fund Project. The first set of 16 trainee Forest School Leaders have already done their training and the next 16 start at the end of June 2016 (including a member of staff from Cotmanhay Junior School). These staff will be using the outdoors and Forest School to improve physical activity, mental health and well-being with their young people.
c) The Environmental Studies Service has free to download materials for teachers to use to explore and learn about Shipley Country Park.
Sustainable and Green Communities
a) The Sustainable Travel team works with schools across the county to encourage walking, cycling, scooting, car share and public transport on the journey to school. Various initiatives are open to all schools across the County and include:
b) Travel Smart week in May and October each year. Free resources are provided and many primary schools including a number within the Shipley PC boundary, regularly participate
c) Scooter Smart Training the free training for pupils to encourage the use of scooters to school. This training has been delivered to a number of schools across the county.
d) Modeshift Stars All schools in the County, including those located within the Shipley PC boundary, are entitled to sign up to this free of charge on line Travel Planning toolkit.
e) County Rider The free of charge adult cycle training programme is now available to residents of Shipley and throughout Amber Valley.
f) The DCC Cycle to Work Scheme continues to prove popular with staff. Local cycle dealers are able to supply bikes and equipment through this scheme and benefit from increased sales of bikes and equipment. Other major employers throughout the County are also able to take part in this initiative, benefitting the local community in a similar way.
Children and Younger People
£180,000 funding for schools breakfast club pilot, 24 breakfast clubs established for 1,055 children.


Derbyshire Constabulary representatives P.C. Sarah Allcock & P.C.S.O. Courtney Chetwyn addressed the meeting with recent crime statistics for the area. Noted the reports of crimes were low including anti-social behaviour. An incident in the area of the cricket ground was reported.

The Chairman, on behalf of the Parish Council, extended appreciation to the Officers for their attendance.


The Chairman advised the official opening of the Pit Lane Recreation Ground would be discussed further at the September 2015 meeting.


a) Shipley Parish Room Trust Councillors Mrs. T. Skelton & D. Wood reported on the activities of the Trust. A meeting organised to take place in August 2015. A request was extended to the organisation for the caretaker to set up the Parish Room for the Council meetings. In addition, use of a storage area within the hall for the Parish Council to store documents.
b) Allotment Gardens, The Field Cllr K. Stevenson reported on the subscription to the National Allotments Society to cover public liability for tenants. It was noted the existing cover did not provide such benefits. A revised fee of £118 for the site had been received. Cllr Stevenson agreed to make further enquiries and report back to Council. He had been in discussion with the Chairman of the organisation at the Allotments Association. A query was raised with regard to future use of an area on the allotment formerly occupied by a garage. Noted a proposal for the site to be adopted for use. Cllr Wood reported on the area of land on The Field under the ownership of the railway company. The land had a fountain and an air raid shelter. RESOLVED the matter to be included in the next agenda.
c) Derbyshire County Council Liaison Meeting No meeting held.


a) Meeting with Derbyshire County Council Cllrs Mrs. T. Skelton & D. Wood reported on their attendance to a meeting with representatives from Derbyshire County Council at the barriers on Pit Lane. Keys for the gate had been approved at a cost to be met by the Parish Council of £40.20. Noted that until further notice the barrier would remain on the existing site on Pit Lane.
b) Winding Wheel Trust Noted the collection box at the Shipley Visitors Centre required disposal to the organisation. No information was available on the whereabouts of the organisation.
c) Waterloo Cutting Shipley Park Ranges would access the area to tidy the cutting.
d) Pit Lane Recreation Ground Play Area Entrance noted a complaint had been received due to the restricted access created by the recently installed pedestrian barriers, which were of insufficient width to allow a double buggy through. RESOLVED Mr. A. Steeples had been contacted to amend the fitting.
e) Play Area Site £30,000 had been received from Derbyshire Environmental Trust to cover the grant towards the installation. A site visit had taken place with Streetscape, where it was agreed that outstanding works would be completed including replacement fencing.
f) Maintenance of the Pit Lane Site RESOLVED that until further notice the site would be serviced by volunteer Councillors to tidy the area and empty bins on site.
g) Play Equipment Inspections Cllr K. Stevenson reported on his attendance to a training course provided regarding regular inspections of play equipment. The RoSPA course endorsed at a cost of £65.00. Regular inspections of the site approved by appointed Members, with an annual RoSPA inspection required.
h) Signage RESOLVED that appropriate signage for the play area to be ordered through Streetscape at a cost of £90 plus VAT.
i) Hassock Lane Recreation Area RESOLVED that the existing play equipment to be removed by Streetscape at a cost of £480.00 plus VAT.
j) Football Pitch and Maintenance RESOLVED for discussion at the next meeting. Noted each cut of the site quoted at £95.00 plus VAT. Heanor Lions currently paid the Parish Council £382.00 per annum to rent the site.
k) Football Pitch and Drainage Concerns would require monitoring throughout the year.


The following circulars received by Members of the Council:-

a) Circular 15/2015 (a) The employment of the Clerk and Council Staff (b) Grave matters (c) Allotment training (d) Minutes and procedures training (e) Vacancies.
b) Circular 16/2015 (a) Big Lottery Fund (b) Landfill Communities Fund (c) Prince’s Fund (d) Grants (e) Neighbourhood Planning (f) Power to Change Trust.
c) Circular 17/2015 (a) Smaller Authorities Transparency Fund (b) Vacancy.

RESOLVED:- That the information noted.


A schedule of payments distributed to Council for consideration.


Payments approved in (a) above as per attached schedule from 1st April 2015 to 28th July 2015 in the total gross amount of £22,297.71.


AVA/2015/0403 Shipley Lakeside approved by Amber Valley Borough Council 13th July 2015.

Lane End Farm, Hardy Barn, Shipley The meeting received particulars of the application which would be distributed by email on publication on the Borough Council planning register AVA/2015/0677.

Enforcement Action The Barn, The Field, Shipley The meeting noted particulars of the action submitted by the Borough Council.

TRE/2015/0092 Station House, The Field Attention to Maple Tree no objections
TRE/2015/0093 3 The Field, Shipley attention to Lime Tree no objections

The meeting noted the presence of noticeboards on the fencing at entry into The Field, Shipley from Hassock Lane. Information as requested as to the requirement for planning approval for the installations.


The Shipley Park Rangers be requested to provide further information.


Cllr K. Stevenson reported he was waiting for a response from Derbyshire Constabulary regarding the traffic situation at the area. A survey of the area at a busy period would benefit the enquiries, including consultation with residents, the local school, commercial offices, cricket ground. The humps required attention on the lane leading to Marlpool.

A site visit had been requested through the Shipley Park Rangers for early September 2015 when a report would be provided to the Parish Council.





That the vacancy publicised and letters of application invited for consideration by the Parish Council at the next meeting.


Future uses for the site considered including development of additional allotments. However, it was noted there was no water service available at the site.


That the site remain on the agenda for the next meeting and information to be sought through the Borough Council with regard to the greenbelt status of the site.



A meeting of the Parish Council would be held on Tuesday 22nd September 2015 at 7.00 p.m. in the Parish Rooms.

There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.00 p.m.


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