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Parish Council Minutes of meeting held 22nd October 2013
Parish Council Meeting
Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held
Tuesday 22nd October 2013
Held at the Shipley Parish Rooms, The Field, Shipley
Commencing at 7.00 p.m.

In Attendance:-

Councillor G. MacDonald (Chairman)
Councillors Dr. C. Perko, Mrs. A. Marriott, A. Stevenson (Borough & Parish) & Mrs. V. Trevan.

Also in attendance:

Derbyshire County Council representative Cllr. Paul Jones, members of public Mr. D. Hollingsworth, Mr. R. Iliffe, Mr. Wild, Miss A. Boden & Mrs. J. Boden, Mr. & Mrs. S. Moloney.


The meeting received apologies from Councillors Mrs. M. Jackson (by email), D. Wood (family illness).

Apologies were also received from Derbyshire Constabulary Officer P.C.S.O. Vicky Hill 3873.


The apologies received and accepted.


None received.


65/2014 MINUTES


That the Minutes of the meeting held Tuesday 24th September 2013 approved. The document was duly signed by the Chairman on behalf of the Parish Council as an accurate record of proceedings.


(a) Matters raised by Members of the Public

i. Vacancy for Parish Council consideration of co-option. Mr. Richard Iliffe, a resident from the parish of Shipley, addressed the meeting to express his interest in the vacancy publicised by the Parish Council within the noticeboards. The Chairman, on behalf of the Parish Council, thanked Mr. Iliffe for his informative address.
ii. Mr. David Hollingsworth addressed the Council to request an update on his previous enquiry with regard to possible fracking to be carried out within the area. He advised the Council of recent press reports regarding registration of mineral rights in Ilkeston. The resident was advised the Government own all mineral rights and therefore any application would require submission to Derbyshire County Council for consideration.
iii. Allotment Gardens. Miss Boden expressed an interest in the starter plot. Mrs. Joy Boden, along with another resident of Shipley had been advised of the availability of two starter plots at The Field site, subject to Council approval and completion of site works. The Clerk advised the meeting of the Council policy to give priority to applications received from residents of the parish of Shipley.
iv. Mr. & Mrs. Moloney advised the Council of their support towards improvement of the allotment garden site which was close to their property on The Field.
v. Clarification of ownership of the plots on the allotment site requested by Mr. & Mrs. Moloney.
vi. The Chairman advised of the necessity for installation of alternative means of access to the allotment gardens due to sale of property adjacent to the site at which the previous owner had allowed concessionary access to the Council (tenants).
vii. The Chairman reported the site would be improved and be fit for purpose with hedges to be cut in due course. It was agreed Mr. & Mrs. Moloney would be advised of the date when hedge cutting would take place.
viii. The Chairman reported of difficulties in the site landscape which dictated the eventual siting of the gates to the allotment.
ix. The Chairman reported a plot on the site was still in the ownership of Derbyshire County Council with local tenants occupying. Agreed a letter of confirmation of this information would be requested from Derbyshire County Council with request for transfer of the plot to the Parish Council for management.
x. The Council agreed the status of the allotment site at The Field to be sought from the Local Authority. Cllr Stevenson agreed to seek information.
xi. Mr. Wild reported on the history of the access road to the Station House, which remained un-adopted and poorly maintained. A request for consideration of adoption by the Derbyshire County Council discussed.
xii. The meeting noted reminder letters had been forwarded to two tenants on the site, requesting attention to the plots within a period of two weeks from the date of the letter posting, in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Parish Council tenancy agreement.
xiii. Parking for tenants on the site would be given consideration through the development process of the site.
xiv. Consideration of an Allotments Committee representing the Council was discussed.
xv. A review of the allotment garden rules would be given priority by the Council.


i. The Chairman agreed to seek additional information for report at the next meeting.
ii. The information noted.
iii. The Chairman, on behalf of the Parish Council, expressed appreciation to all attendees for their informative addresses.


No report.


Derbyshire County Councillor Paul Jones reported on the following matters:-

a) Savings to the County Council budget required in the region of £157 million. A consultation with residents was underway; leaflets were distributed.
b) The Heanor Florence Shipley Home constructed due to commence with an estimated completion of January 2015. The daughter and granddaughter of Florence Shipley due to attend a site ceremony to mark the occasion.
c) Lodge House Opencasting. £16,000 in the funds remained. The next meeting scheduled to take place on 27th January 2014 at Horsley Woodhouse Church Hall commencing at 5.30 p.m. The Chairman expressed his continued interest to attend the meetings.
d) Bridge at Hassock Lane required attention; the matter had been reported to Derbyshire County Council. A letter to be sent to Derbyshire County Council with copy to Cllr Jones.


P.C.S.O. Vicky Hill had submitted apologies for absence on behalf of Derbyshire Constabulary.


a) DALC (i) Circular 19/2013 (a) Neighbourhood Plans (b) Derbyshire Sport (c) Update on pensions (d) Sustainable Communities Act (e) DCLG community rights (f) National minimum wage (g) vacancies


That the information received.


a) Festive Celebrations 2013 The Council was provided with information regarding solar festive lights from Plantscape for the season.
b) Parking on Grass Verges The meeting noted the response from Derbyshire Constabulary who would monitor the situation.
c) Photographic Competition 2013 – 2014


i. That the information noted
ii. With regard to (a) above no further action.
iii. With regard to (c) above that a date to be considered for March 2014. An independent judge to be appointed for the judging of theme ‘Shipley in Winter’. Closing date agreed of 31st March 2014.



That information received from County Councillor Paul Jones with regard to next meeting date 27th January 2014.


a) AVA/2013/0634 Shipley Lock Gate, Shipley Fitting of timber fender between the top of the framed gates and the bottom of the balance beams on both the top and bottom gates to prevent boats becoming entangled in the gates.


No objections.



That in accordance with section 100a(4) of the Local Government Act 1972, in view of the confidential nature of the business about to be transacted, it is advisable in the public interest that the public and press be excluded from the meeting and they be instructed to withdraw.


The Chairman reported on the vacancy existing on the Parish Council for consideration of co-option. One application had been received from resident Mr. R. Iliffe prior to the closing date of 24th September 2013.

The Chairman expressed appreciation for the presentation given by Mr. Iliffe to the Council to support his application.


The Council agreed the vacancy to be further publicised in the forthcoming newsletter in order the community were informed of the particulars.

A revised date of 31st January 2014 was set for the determination of the co-option process.
That Mr. Iliffe sent a response in appreciation of attending for an interview.


A report was received by the Chairman on the work required to the allotment site in view of the impending closure of the existing concessionary access way into the gardens from The Field, Shipley.


a) That the invoice received from Midway Fencing endorsed for payment in the sum of £1946.40 gross which covered the allotment site work and repairs to the Pit Lane gating issues.
b) That Councillor Mrs. A. Marriott abstained from the voting to approve the invoice.
c) That work to be carried out to update the site prior to consideration of applications for plots.
d) That a quotation to be sought for cutting back of the hedging on the allotment gardens.

That Standing Orders re-instated.


a) Payment of accounts 25th September 2013 to 22nd October 2013 as per attached schedule appendice one. Cheque numbers 100731 to 100736 in the sum of £3043.88 received.
b) Total income and expenditure budget analysis received for the period 1st April 2013 to 22nd October 2013 in the sum of £12,329.01 (gross) with a net expenditure of £11807.15. Total income for the period £15,931.55.
c) Confirmation notification of completion of annual external audit for the period 2012 – 2013 publicised within the parish noticeboards.


That the information received and all financial payments as above in (a), (b) and (c) approved.


Cllr Mrs. A. Marriott reported the SPRT did not support the installation of the hanging of a portrait of Her Majesty The Queen within the hall. However, the portrait could be displayed during special events held by the Parish Council at the hall.

The security of the hall had been up-dated with a secure locking system and alarm in place. Codes to the hall had been distributed to key holders.

It was reported the proposed lighting to enhance the car park and area had not been installed at the time of the meeting.


That the information noted.


i. Update following inspection of Pit Lane playing field
ii. Consideration of repair to gate at playing field
iii. Update on proposals for Hassock Lane South recreation site
iv. Snow Warden Scheme 2013/2014 volunteers required (Derbyshire County Council)


i. That the report noted
ii. That repairs to the Pit Lane gate to be completed in accordance with invoice received from Midway Fencing.
iii. That Beat Team requested to visit Remar with regard to security of Pit Lane gates.
iv. That a letter to be sent to Remar regarding locking of the gates on Pit Lane.
v. That the football club to be reminded of its responsibilities with regard to security of the site.
vi. That a flyer to be distributed including information regarding snow warden scheme, survey to consult on the potential uses of the Hassock Lane South recreation ground, Parish Council vacancy, festive lights, etc.
vii. The meeting noted Mr. Iliffe had offered to assist with the distribution of the flyers around the community.


A discussion was held on the development of the Parish Council website.


a) That the report noted.
b) That Councillor Mrs. V. Trevan and the Clerk to meet with DTX to discuss improvement of the existing website.



The next meeting of the Parish Council to take place on Tuesday 26th November 2013 commencing at 7.00 pm in the Parish Room, The Field, Shipley.

There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.50 p.m.


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